10 Simple Steps To Grow Your Social Media

Step 1: Be Patient

First thing's first, growing your social media doesn't happen overnight, in 99% of cases it takes a long time and a lot of consistent effort to grow your followerbase; there is no quick fix!

Step 2: Use Analytics

There are heaps of tools available for you to grow your social media followebase online. Learn to use them and you will be the king of social. We use a variety of tools at Wildfire but some good free places to start are Google's Analytics and Social Blade. These tools are great because you can track every aspect of your profiles and deduce what works in your posts and what doesn't; did you ever hear the saying "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.". 

Step 3: Be Unique

Someone once said “Innovation is taking two existing ideas and putting them together". Be original in your content, it'll be what sets you apart from the crowd and will inevitably help your business grow.

Step 4: Quality

Content is king... So if you want to set your brand apart from everyone else you need to stand out. Having high quality content is paramount so next time you're thinking of posting that grainy out of focus picture; think twice.

Step 5: Consistency

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if you're not posting regularly you're going to fade out of existence. The more you are in your followers feeds the better (although be careful with platforms like Instagram - you can also post too much).

Step 6: Collaborations

Find other companies and brands you align with and work with them! If you have 1000 followers and they have the same; that's 1000 extra people your brand can connect with!

Step 7: Synergy

Make sure your accounts are working for each other. If you're regularly posting on snapchat, be sure to mention your Instagram tag so your fans can follow you on all of your platforms. Some of them might not even know you even have other platforms!

Step 8: Help Others

Sharing is caring. Like and share other brands posts you enjoy; they will return the favour! This is social media after all.

Step 9: Interaction

Be sure you regularly interact with your followers, this strengthen relationships with them and these interactions will also appear on their friend's feeds which translates to more exposure.

Step 10: Don't be fake

Never try to be something you're not on social media. You only get one reputation and it is paramount you protect it; never endorse brands or companies you don't agree with. Be sure of who you are, what you are doing and why; your followers will learn your voice and it will ultimately be what keeps bringing them back.


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